Delivered 5 Core Banking Transformations

Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Luxembourg & London.

Temenos | Finastra | Avaloq

extensive Experience

Programme Leadership

Extensive experience delivering 5 Core Banking Transformations, 3 Cloud Migrations, & 1 Digital Bank. A record of great Relationship Management skills for enhancing the Customer Value proposition, recovering challenging deliverables, managing complex stakeholders & vendors, & producing the best results from multi-cultural onshore|offshore teams.

remediate deliverables

Challenging Environemnts

Always provides strong leadership, clear decisions, mature relationship management, focused direction, & empowers talent management. Manages tight deadlines, remediates deliverables, innovates on budget constraints, navigates ambiguous requirements, manoeuvres to accommodate conflicting roles, bargains over political challenges, & enables onshore/offshore teams.

Empower Talent

Creative Workforce Dynamic

Exceptional at getting best out of onshore/offshore working teams, across multiple continents and multiple cultural challenges. Innovative at finding ways to Empower Talent. For example, encourages disruption, harnesses traits such as laziness (can lead to innovation), provides best environment possible to nurture talent (work from office|home|Starbucks), & most importantly provides boundaries to increase productivity, enhance agility, and as a result provide scalability.

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Customer Value | Customer Experience

Delivers effective and emotional experiences to engage customers, allowing workstreams to tap into their creative and innovative spirit. Focuses operations on the things customers value, challenging the status quo and trying new things. Customer Journeys are paramount in defining successful organisational efficiencies.

Delivering Core Banking Transformations

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